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Kyrill Korsunenko,  
ukrainian pianist.

Next concerts

P. I. Tschaikovsky - Piano Concerto no.1 

2024: Feb 3 // Feb 4 

Kubiz Unterhaching

Herkulessaal München 

Special thanks to the first violine Beate Findling-Klobe and first cello Johannes Soukup! It was a great time.

With a Soviet-style

portrait of Johnny as nice bonus

19.03.2023, 19:30, Wolf-Ferrari-Haus, Ottobrunn

Spring charity concert of Munich Doctor Orchestra.

W. A. Mozart, Ouverture to 'Don Giovanni'

Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Concerto Nr. 4 op. 58


Robert Schumann, 1st Symphony (Frühlingssinfonie)

Conductor - Alois Rottenaicher

Piano - Kyrill Korsunenko


One 25 and 26.03 Said and me play a couple of house concerts in Aachen. If you are interested, just write me ;) Amount of listeners will be slightly limited...

NB: the photo is clickable

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