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~ Between War and Peace~ Flamenco meets Opera and chamber music.

The ensemble "LOS AMORES DEL BRUJO" consists of three soloists and virtuosos of their field, who use their contrasting artistic disciplines to break through and unite artistic boundaries. They draw on their diverse backgrounds and the current political social situation to create space for the new.

The trio aims to break away from the usual choreographic and musical structures of flamenco and classical music and create new interpretations, partly from improvisation and partly from the cultural heritage of the soloists. A combination of the fire of flamenco dance, opera with a powerful voice and virtuoso piano playing. The experimental performance is characterized by an exciting interplay "BETWEEN WAR AND PEACE" Schubert meets Flamenco - a firework of passion, longing, pain, understanding, hate and love enchants the audience and immerses them in a fascinating foreign and at the same time familiar world.

Together they want to unite and reach the multicultural audience on an international level.

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