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arrangements collaborations,
pieces and tracks,
and music sheet in .PDF!


Ukrainian folklore inspired me much since my childhood. Some popular songs I transcribed and arranged for piano, accordion or electronics. Here there are few examples.

I wrote occasionally my own cadenza for 4th Beethoven Piano Concerto, harmonicly rather based on improvisations, then on Beethoven's style. However, I tried to develop just the ideas, available in the first movement of this Piano Concerto

In the time I first went to Alps I worked on this partiture, "Natural Structure" for orchestra.  This still not performed piece is waiting for the enthusiastic musicians...

Windmusik is one of early piano pieces I wrote while studying. The development began from the motive, that refers to some Bach's Prelude.

The most lovely collaboration I ever had is a project for electronic music "Deliniris", featuring my partner, the pianist Carolina Danise.

We created several works in genre IDM or expoerimental electronics, available at Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Below 

you can listen our live show with indian tabla player Arup Sen Gupta.

"En una noche oscura" was written as a stylistic hommage on a music of Renaissance. Based on poetry of San Juan de la Cruz, it was setted as a choir SATB a capella piece. Extensive use of phrygian mode brings this music near to spanish roots.

Further you can hear an LP from Spotify with jazz-improvisations, that was recorded with trumpet player and video maker Daniel Gronsfeld.

As a pianist I can not stay beside from jazz, so I learned to play it by myself. Once I collaborated with ukrainian jazz-singer Tamara Lukasheva, and here is recording of our live-show. 

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