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Kyrill Korsunenko,  
ukrainian pianist.

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P. I. Tschaikovsky - Piano Concerto no.1 

2024: Feb 3 // Feb 4 

Kubiz Unterhaching

Herkulessaal München 

18.03.2023, 16:00 Uhr, Pfarrzentrum St. Jakob "Divano", Pfarrstraße 1, 86316 Friedberg

Concert with ukrainian soloists - Концерт з українськими солістами

• Natalija Saranchyna (flute) - Наталія Саранчина (флейта)

• Marija Tretiakova (violin) - Марія Третьякова (скрипка)

• Kyrill Korsunenko (Klavier) - Кирило Корсуненко (фортепіано)

More info:

Thinking back to this wild ukrainian modern archaic music, written by the woman-composer I met by instance in Odesa in 2012. This concert was an intense experience in the Gothic Hall of the most beautiful building in Brussel: a lot of political messages, a lot of our music. Thanks to Katja Suglobina for bringing me in there

"Та косив батько, косив я" is a traditional ukrainian polyphonic song, sung mostly by elder women. The vocal technics of "white voice" coming from generation to generation since ancient times. It is time to do something for ukrainian culture, so here is electronic interpretation of this popular funny song, full of love to nature, to people next to you and to the peaceful life.

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